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Social Media Day 2010 in Silicon Valley

Thursday, July 1st, 2010 had a great idea in creating and promoting the first World-Wide Social Media Day (June 30, 2010) for people all over the world to “acknowledge and celebrate the revolution of media becoming social”.

I am fortunate enough to live in Silicon Valley, which I believe is the capital of Social Networking, if not Social Media! I was able to attend 2 of over 500+ meet-ups held around the globe. The 2 meet-ups I attended were lots of fun, provided excellent offline social networking opportunities, and gave me additional insights in to the rapidly growing world of social media.

The first meet-up was hosted by PureMatter at their offices in San Jose. PureMatter’s tag line is “Brand Marketing and Interactive” and they say they believe in serious fun. In a cocktail reception-like environment, speakers from Coremetrics and discussed their key product attributes along with a few mandatory PowerPoint slides.

Social Media measurement company presents Twitter stats

Twitter stats presentation by Coremetrics at PureMatter

Wildfire Interactive hosted their meet-up in their new offices in downtown Palo Alto and on the rooftop :) . It felt like a Friday night beer bash at a start-up with an on-going demo of Wildfire’s web 2.0 products.  You could casually move from Socializing to product demo and back to Socializing – very cool! BTW -Wildfire’s products  promote companies on social media through contests, sweepstakes, and coupons.

I thank both PureMatter and Wildfire for hosting their meet-ups and look forward to Social Media Day 2011. I’m sure that there will be many more opportunities to be Social and learn a whole lot more.

Is Social Media a Golden Bullet?

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Last week I had the opportunity to run a workshop for TechBA-SV’s new member companies. I was promoting the use of Social Networking to “Grow Revenues”. We had a very active discussion with lots of interaction. Several points I emphasized were

I showed the attendees several YouTube videos that reinforced these two concepts. One of the attendees suggested that I also include JWT’s Nelka Rental Car YouTube video in future workshops. I had not heard about this video before the class. Now that I have watched the video, I am very impressed with what JWP was able to achieve for Nelka. JWP set an aggressive goal, targeted a specific audience, and then used the right mix of existing media, social media, focus, and creativity to over achieve on the initial goal.

Unfortunately, the YouTube video has not gotten much attention partially because it is not down loadable and it is a little too long (3:21 minutes).

However, the video makes a great case study, which I will share with the attendees of the first 2010 #TechBA-SV class and mention at future workshops.

Businesses Need To Think Differently or Get Boiled By Their Competition

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Many business people I have spoken with think that after this recession, business activities will be done in the same old way; back to incremental growth, with marketing, product development, product support, HR …– they could not be more incorrect!

This attitude reminds me of the old story about the frogs in a pot of water, where there is a flame under the water that is slowly being turned up. The water is comfortable; so the frogs stay in the water. The water is getting hotter and in a few minutes, they are going to be boiled. This comfort level similar to the way many companies are approaching Social Networking, as their competition gets ready to blow them away.

Times have changed. In the late nineties, we thought the web would change everything and it has.

  • Are these changes what you expected?
  • Are these changes going to fit your current business model?
  • Are these changes perfect?

No, No and Please tell me something that is perfect! However, these changes revolutionize everything about a company’s approach to marketing, product development, product support, HR…

First, from a technology perspective, many of us have the equivalent of what was not long ago called a supercomputer in our pockets {93% of the adults carry mobile phones}. Shortly, we all will have mobile networks with high-speed broadband available at all times and many of us do today.

According to Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google “All of the [media] distinctions [will] go away” – Television, radio, the phone system, and the Internet will become one. This kind of connectivity, he points out, is very disruptive, very consumer-focused, and will create many new business opportunities.

Second, think of a future where this computing and communications power is combined with Social Networking. This will allow you to ask your “trusted friends” their opinions on all the products you are considering purchasing, whether for business or for personal use.

This Future Is Now! People are relying on the net for the recommendations of their friends, and business associates regarding products and services. Social networking and information sites like Angie’s List, Yelp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter… are immediately available to all from their mobile phones.

According to Marketing Sherpa, Social Networks are where people trust and get information on products and rely on company websites for technical specifications. A recent Forrester Research report (2009) states that 91% of the technical buyers are investigating products using Social Media before they buy.

It is time for you, as the CEO, senior executive, or business owner, to learn about Social Networking. Investigate how Social Networking can assist your company to be more successful, save you time and money on your existing marketing, product development, product support, and HR activities. Then work with your team to develop a Social Networking strategy for your company. Develop guidelines, processes, and train your team for this new social, connected world.

This strategy cannot be cast in concrete. The technology and benefits are evolving, changing, and improving. The best approach is to develop a strategy built on a strong foundation, GEAR-up for Social Networking, and be flexible to accommodate changes over time. However, do not chase shiny Social Networking objects.

If you decide to stay in your current “pot,” enjoy the hot water while you can. Your competition will benefit from seeing you boil up in the steam.