Is Social Media another Reason Corporations are Hiring Computers to Replace Workers?

Andrew McAfee wrote a very interesting blog on Corporate America’s Ongoing Love Affair with Geek Gear, the second of three blog posts

I felt the blog contained a very interesting analysis – I believe the analysis points indirectly points to several trends that are occurring simultaneously relative to the increases in IT spending per individual.

Based on what I see happening, I forecast the trend of increasing IT spending per individual will continue, since we are:

1- Moving to a knowledge-based economy

2- Leveraging fewer human resources to accomplish more per individual

3- Reducing the levels of management, as we flatten organizations, since everyone can take advantage of all information instantaneously with improved application packages

4- Leveraging the internet and automation to obtain the supplementary information we need to make decisions in less time and with fewer human resources

5- Creating large intelligent social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter…) that allow people to know and work with people more rapidly.

The fifth reason is a new aspect to increasing organizational productivity. Large intelligent Social Networks is a new phenomena that increases the productivity of people in a company (sales, business development, channel development…) by allowing each individual to know who their friend’s friend’s friends are, and to exceed our constrain of limited “tribe” visibility (Dunbar’s number).

I look forward to Andrew’s third post on this subject to see what conclusion he draws from his analysis.

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