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Does a limited LinkedIn profile reduce your future job opportunities?

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

The other night attendees of the German American Business Association of northern California acquired many first-rate insights into the early days of Social Media and the effective use of LinkedIn. Konstantin Guericke, one of five co-founders, and the first Vice President of Marketing of LinkedIn, discussed the question of are you “Ready to make your move?”

One of the fun facts Konstantin shared with the audience was that there are 522,000 groups on LinkedIn today; GABA as one of the early leaders in Social Media, set up the 10th group on LinkedIn many (5) years ago!

Konstantin suggested a novel way of using LinkedIn to advance your career. He advises looking at the career path of those who have been successful doing what you want to do and follow in their example.

Three very important points that Konstantin made, and that I suggest when giving talks and advising clients are:

  • Start before you need a job
  • LinkedIn is much more than a resume
  • Use LinkedIn to prepare for interviews

LinkedIn has found that employers prefer to hire candidates recommended by others. Konstantin surprisingly expressed the opinion that “Reciprocal recommendations are not relevant”.

It is a very competitive world out there, and LinkedIn provides a vast array of tools to promote yourself, your brand, and your future. Start learning how to effectively use LinkedIn now, before you need it!

LinkedIn Founder and firs Vice President of Marketing Konstantin Guericke

How to use LinkedIn to find the job you want Konstantin Guericke

Is Social Media a Golden Bullet?

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Last week I had the opportunity to run a workshop for TechBA-SV’s new member companies. I was promoting the use of Social Networking to “Grow Revenues”. We had a very active discussion with lots of interaction. Several points I emphasized were

I showed the attendees several YouTube videos that reinforced these two concepts. One of the attendees suggested that I also include JWT’s Nelka Rental Car YouTube video in future workshops. I had not heard about this video before the class. Now that I have watched the video, I am very impressed with what JWP was able to achieve for Nelka. JWP set an aggressive goal, targeted a specific audience, and then used the right mix of existing media, social media, focus, and creativity to over achieve on the initial goal.

Unfortunately, the YouTube video has not gotten much attention partially because it is not down loadable and it is a little too long (3:21 minutes).

However, the video makes a great case study, which I will share with the attendees of the first 2010 #TechBA-SV class and mention at future workshops.