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Alliance-Strategies uses social networking to grow clients' revenues through business development, channel development, and partnerships.

Our goal is  to rapidly add significant value and grow revenues for our clients.  Social Networking has become essential to achieving value and accelerating the Growth of Revenues in all business activities. Alliance-Strategies, Inc. is an expert provider of strategic business development and training on Social Networking and Social Media. 

With many years of experience in high-tech, Alliance-Strategies quickly understands a client's market, technology and business model. This rapid ramp to a shared understanding of the strategic vision translates into more immediate results for clients. The strategic vision permeates all services, as Alliance-Strategies, Inc. contributes to the vision and builds a client's presence through social networking, SEO, business development, channel development, alliance and partner management.

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Social Networking Workshop and Webinar Quotes:

bullet“Tim’s workshop opened my eyes to the value and importance of social networking. Thanks to what I learned at his seminar, my company is three steps ahead of where we would have been from a social networking standpoint.” Ben Wright, Director of Strategic Marketing, High Street Partners, Inc.
bullet“In a short seminar, Tim was able to introduce a variety of tools and best practices for almost any product or service business trying to incorporate social networking into their marketing strategy.” Jules Walker, Principal, Ravix Group

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